Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am getting Baptized tomorrow. I am not sure whether to scream or peacefully sit on my bed and enjoy this moment. There is so much going through my mind I can't begin to put how I feel into words. When I first decided I want to get baptized I wasn't sure who to tell or what to do. I just felt incredibly strongly compelled to get baptized. The amazing thing is the NEXT WEEK at youth the pastor told the group if anyone wanted to get baptized they were having a youth baptism. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. I signed up and felt really at peace with the decision. After that my life went a little downhill. I wasn't doing great, I was still hoping God would help me but I was being shaken up and pushed down from every direction. At history maker though I was just renewed with feeling the incredible love that God had for me and I'm happy to say it's been two weeks and I still feel that love and happiness just as clearly as I did surrounded by all those people. I think I've learned how to lean on God when times get tough as opposed to getting depressed. God is all I need. Crazy thought huh? GOD. Is. Everything.
I was just flipping through my bible and I landed on Romans 6. I felt the need to read it and this is some of it:

"Or have you forgotten that when we joined Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death?for we died and were buried with Christ in baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, NOW WE MAY LIVE NEW LIVES." Rom. 6:3-4

"Since we have been united with Him in his death we will also be raised to life as he was. We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin might lose it's power in our lives. WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO SIN" Rom. 6:5-6

The capitalized part isn't actually capitalized in the Bible but I thought is seemed like a good way for me to express how I felt about it. Isn't that crazy? Just when I need a sign even more about how amazing what I'm choosing to do is there's my sign. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever. The enemy loses this round. God wins. I choose the path of righteousness. So tomorrow as I connect with the death and resurrection of Jesus I will be in absolute awe (as usual) of how AMAZING our God is. Truly.

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  1. Lauren! This is amazing! I wish I could have been there tonight...I sure tried to, but I was there in spirit! SO proud of you and how you have leaned into HIM. You are loved, you are important, you are lovely, you are forgiven, you are blessed, you are accepted, you are free, you are HIS!!!!!!!

    Love you girl!