Saturday, January 29, 2011


I write (or I used to) poems as a way to kind of vent. I figured I'd post a poem... I wrote it not long ago... It's not really a happy poem but it is one of the happier poems I've written... So, here is it:

walking in circles, no where to go
the pain hidden inside is starting to show
people lean on her a little too hard
taking the pain has left her scarred
she longs for a friend to lean on as well
she is too scared to fall, too scared to tell
she lets the tears fall but only alone
she has troubles with trust, she is on her own
trying to figure out where she belongs
as she tries to numb bad thoughts with the songs
she carries on with life like she's okay
thinking the words she wont dare to say.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Sometimes there's no choice but to change. You can't keep traveling the path that you're on because you're essentially killing yourself. I have spent my life believing that change is a horrible thing. It means people leaving, it means people dying, it brings bad things and leaves you nothing. Recently I figured out that maybe that isn't true. Sometimes change can be for the better, even if it's painful, or scary some good may come out of it. In the past couple of weeks I experienced the positive and negative sides of change. Both things were something I feared with my whole heart and you know what? It didn't kill me.
I spent so much time focusing on what the worse that could happen was that I made myself terrified. But now there's a new path opening in my life. And maybe it's even a good one. So I think I've figured out that change isn't all bad, it can be scary, but in the end... I think most of the time everything works out. Maybe not the way you planned it... and maybe it wasn't easy. You have to suffer through the rain to see a rainbow. Life is the same; you have to suffer a little pain to let the changes take effect. It could be something beautiful, or just what you need.