Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

So Christmas is over and a new season is soon to come. This post is going to be short since my whole left hand and half my arm have been taken over with a splint (don't ask how I managed that). Most people love Christmas. It is the season of giving, blah blah blah. I personally don't like Christmas. It doesn't matter how many presents I get, or how beautiful the Christmas tree is. I don't like it because no matter what, everyone gets super hyped up, and it's all about presents and it's stressful. My parents become absolute grumps when Christmas time is around. As much as I love getting yelled at everyday for about a month, no thanks. I'm glad Christmas is over now though.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve. People go out and get wasted to welcome in the new year. When I look back on the year that just passed... it almost physically hurts. It feels like I've lost so many friends. Whether they moved across the country, or went off to university, or even just moved off the island. It sucks to have people move away. In high school, unless you are close with your family then friends are everything. When friend move away though, adults just expect you to move on like it's nothing. There are days I just want to start crying because I want my friends back, or I want to go back in time. It sucks.
At the same time I know there's more good times, or bad times, ahead. It's worth hoping this year will be better then the last one. So here I am, just praying, that this year will be better. That the good times will outweigh the bad ones, and that maybe, just maybe, I'll survive.

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  1. I pray that this year will bring many blessings and wonderful memories for you my friend! Miss you!